Sifu Alex Richter Visits ACWT!

We had the privilege of hosting Sifu Alex Richter of City Wing Tsun this weekend at ACWT for a seminar, and are excited to put some more action into our program. Sifu Alex didn’t waste anytime with the material and began teaching footwork with emphasis on the timing of an attacker.

When dealing with self defense, a student is not always on guard or in a situation of taking control before an attack. For this purpose, Sifu Alex spent a great deal of time with the students on movement, body structure, and strategy to best deal with an attacker if early, late, very late, and off guard in every day situations. The other half of the seminar was spent on Chi Sau drills to develop sensitivity and power in the motions, while keeping to the classic WT concepts that have been over looked by other WT schools in the past. The students always enjoy Sifu Alex’s seminars and his talent for making the seminar a learning experience as well as incredibly fun.

The instructors of ACWT spent a great deal of time with Sifu Alex working on the skills necessary to connect the curriculum with fighting application and instruction. We worked on fundamentals of Chi-Sau and putting the concepts into action as opposed to sticking with a set program of movement patterns. The assistant instructors also got a chance to work with Sifu Alex on their own programs and were very excited to learn from a very experienced Wing Tsun Sifu. It was a memorable experience for ACWT and a big step for the growth of WT in San Antonio.

Thank You Sifu!!!!