Women’s Self Defense


Do YOU want to have PEACE OF MIND by knowing that you can take care of yourself in any situation?

This is a question that be answered through women’s self defense training to counter aggression, strength, and the unknown through Wing Tsun.

Created by a Woman, to combat all!

Wing Tsun (Wing Chun) is one unique self-defense systems that empower women to effectively defend and attack opponents larger in size. Having been invented by a woman, the women’s self defense system of Wing Tsun was built to empower women’s confidence, ability, and performance making it truly THE self-defense system for women in San Antonio.

Women Need to Defend themselves in the Concrete Jungle!

Women who take self defense classes must learn suitable self defense techniques to make them mentally and physically prepared in the presence of physical aggression while maintaining the ability to overcome any situation. Using the unique principles of WT, Alamo City Wing Tsun has become the only WT school in San Antonio to offer a specialized curriculum to accommodate to the needs of women. At ACWT we teach fluid and effective defenses that make WT enticing to learn and fulfill the purpose of effective self defense.

What Every Woman Needs!

Self Defense: Our highly qualified instructors will teach you self defense techniques that are efficient and effective. Who says you have to be incredibly strong and super athletic to defend yourself! Wing Tsun works for everyone!

Increase Fitness Level: Improve your health, cardio, strength, endurance, flexibility, and body!

Develop Confidence: Develop your self confidence, certainty, and personal power! Confidence development is a large part of practice and expands to many parts of any person’s life. Feel better, prepared and ready!

Awareness: Become more Aware! Here at our San Antonio school we teach you how to be aware of your surroundings and get closer to your goals!

A Few Reasons why ACWT is the ONLY place to train Martial Arts in San Antonio!

Stress left at the Door- Classes are taught in a safe and friendly way- non-ego environment!

Wing Tsun Practice will help you lose Weight!

Train with quality Partners – Train in the fitness class, regular group classes, or private lessons.

Professionalism – Train with certified and experienced coaches of Self Defense.

This is the REAL DEAL – We teach Self Defense for every day situations!

Make your Move!!! Take Charge!!! And Come in Today!!!