About San Antonio Martial Arts

We are a San Antonio Martial Arts school that offers Self Defense most reliable real-world self defense instruction. To put it simply, Wing Tsun is a way for you to meet your goals, get in great shape, learn self defense and boost your confidence to make your day better! Our school gives a well-rounded curriculum to help you achieve your own personal goals. For the children we offer our anti bullying classes that help develop asense of confidence and the knowledge to become bully free. 

Alamo City Wing Tsun is run by Sifu Glenn Tillman and Sifu Ram De Pena who are strong motivators and passionate WT coaches. It is our mission to bring the best quality martial arts instruction and a source of the benefits that come with it. 

There are many schools to choose from and we are open to educate our prospects as to why Wing Tsun is the most reliable and effective system in existence. Our classes are held daily so no need to worry about scheduling conflicts. Get fit with us and build great skills to last you a lifetime.