Good stuff to come at ACWT!

Its been a fun couple of months of innovation at ACWT, but there is more to come. We have special events which will include movie nights, open houses,  women self defense workshops, leadership workshops, demonstrations and a seminar with Sifu Alex Richter on the way. With all this happening, there is plenty of room for expansion and reaching the level of training desired for our students.

Giving back to the community has been a very important aspect for ACWT and these projects will be a great way to start it. Women’s self defense and leadership is a valuable asset that we wish to grow upon and pass on in the next couple of months. With students getting to the point where they are able to assist in classes, it is very important to expand on the concept of being a leader and the characteristics needed to be a quality instructor. Though teaching Wing Tsun is not for everyone, it is important to have the tools necessary for the people that wish to take on the roll. The great thing is that the quality of a leader is not limited to WT person, leadership being a characteristic that can help in many aspects of a person’s daily life. Make a move and become  a leader.