Holiday Events and Training

The holidays are here and its a great time to web festive! ACWT has always worked on having a sense of community and family with everything that it does. It is important that a school has a strong relationship with its students, instructors and family. We are a Kung Fu family that works together without the politics that most schools create in their own environments. For that reason, celebration is in order through WT!

Our first event will be our Christmas party on the 21st of December at 6 pm. This is a tradition that we want to carry out through the following years so that people will get a chance to enjoy the holidays with the people that make ACWT what it There will be video demonstrations of each activity of ACWT (Silat, Wing Tun, Tai Chi, Chi Gong, etc) and food for everyone that walks in the door. It is an open party that anyone can show up to see our school, meet students, meet families, and have a good time. The holidays are about giving back and enjoying the people that we have. This is great time to enjoy your Kung Fu Family and more.

The next major part of the holidays will be the Winter Intensive at City Wing Tsun in New York City. This is one of my favorite WT events of the year that I will have the privilege of experiencing with two of ACWT’s most senior students. It has always been a dream of mine to bring the students of our school to participate in the events of CWT. The NY experience of Wing Tsun has been one of the most influential and eye opening experiences when it comes to my training, making this a great chance to pay it forward. This will be a tradition that of hope all the students will work towards because of its benefits through my Sifu, Sihings, Sijes, and family at CWT