July at City Wing Tsun!

This July was a very busy one! I had the great opportunity to go train with my Sifu and his students at City Wing Tsun in New York city to celebrate his ten year anniversary of his school. It was a great time and it always is great to train at the head quarters with my kung fu family and good friends in the big apple. What made this trip extra special was being accompanied with one of my students Robert Fears, who was the first of my students to visit CWT other than myself. He got a chance to see his extended kung fu family and train with very skilled WT people, which is always great for any student hoping to progress.

The trip was a great deal of WT immersion and always demands that I am at my pique game to ensure that I come back with as much knowledge as possible. The seminar and the classes were amazing, as my Sifu taught the instructor tutorial and the seminar with a lot of enthusiasm. The seminar consisted of power generation and intermediate and advanced application of techniques. The seminar was such a treat, rivaled only by the 9 course meal at the banquet to follow. The banquet was a great celebration to honor Sifu and CWT. The students put on a modern day performance of the story of Wing Tsun which was very entertaining and unforgettable. I need to give a special shout out to Amy Lamb and Tian Xu for putting on such a great performance! It was a great meal followed by a wooden dummy cake which was out of this world. Congratulations Sifu and CWT for 10 years of success and fun! Thank you for all the hospitality, support and knowledge that you all have provide to my Sihing, students and myself.