Student of the Month: Ann Whitcher

This month’s student spotlight goes to Ann Whitcher, who has become a big part of the family at ACWT. Ann started with us last year and has made considerable progress through dedication and her cheerfulness throughout every class she is in.

When Ann started she was more quiet and more to herself, having no martial arts experience. Although this was the case, I recall that she showed immense potential and that she really enjoyed Wing Tsun. Ann began to come to class more frequently and began training outside of class with her older students, which is (in my opinion) essential to growing in Wing Tsun. As time went by, she became more and more excited every time she came to class, was always ready for the next step, and overcoming her own worries to make her a great ACWT student. Now she helps make ACWT more exciting and inspires other students to do better with her great attitude and love for the art.

Congratulations Ann! And as always…..YATTA!!!