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WT Fitness


Tire of the same Workout at the gym?

Wanting a more exciting way to get in shape?

Give WT Fit a shot!

Lose up to 10 pounds in 10 weeks!

Feel great about yourself as you get into the best shape of your life and losing that weight.

Knock out stress with WT fitness and let it go through exercise!

Feel stronger, sexier, healthier with each workout!

WT Fit is cutting edge and is based on the Wing Tsun Kung Fu system to maximize movement and get you where you want to be. No Martial Arts experience needed to be effective at WT Fit.

WT Fit is a complete body workout developed by Sifu Alex Richter and certified personal trainer Dean Macleod at City Wing Tsun in New York City.  It combines practical martial arts movements and the finest of body dynamic and total fitness. The greatest part is that it is perfect for men and women and you don’t need to be Bruce Lee to do it!

The workout is divided into three parts for each class:

The Warm-up: Start lightly and get your heart and body ready for Phase 2

Workout: Hit the rounds and the drills at your own pace

Cool Down: Stretches and breathing exercises to bring down the heart rate.